Studio Rental

At Sonshine Dance and Fitness, we offer a range of fitness and dancing lessons for those who want to learn in Branson. But the Studio also warmly invites those who want to teach!

Sonshine Dance and Fitness has three studios for rent: Studio A, Studio B and Studio C. Give us a call today to find out more. 417-239-0222

Small Dance Room for Rent in Branson, MO Small Tumbling Room for Rent in Branson, MO Large Dance Studio for Rent in Branson, MO

Dancing is great for fitness, confidence and creativity!

Sonshine Dance and Fitness believes the dicipline of dance, tumbling and fitnesss helps prepare each student to perform their best in many life situtaions.  Self-image, confidence, physical fitness and a positive attitude are strived for within the studion setting.  The Studio's staff believe preparation for the future begins with our youth, and our hope is that we can encourage them to always do their best.

Kathie Breeck, owner and operator of Sonshine Dance and Fitness Studio in Branson, MO  opened her first dance school in 1976.  Since then, the studio has been offering begining to advance fitness and dancing lessons to people of all ages, and welcomes you to join our community today!

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